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Industrial refrigeration support services offered cover both refrigeration plant and the insulated structures.

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Surge Drum & Evaporative Condenser Installation

With Lloyds Register of Shipping withdrawing their survey facility for refrigeration installations, users of refrigeration plant no longer have access to an organisation to advise on the construction and operation. We can provide this service. Current legislation in respect of the pressure Systems Regulations requires all refrigeration plant installations, where the compressor motor power exceeds 25 kW, that the system has a "Written Scheme of Examination". We can examine refrigeration installations and provide this certification.

There are many environmental issues to consider with refrigeration installations and one very important consideration is the operating refrigerant and the environment. We can advise on all of the current legislation and the future concerns.

Operating costs a major factor in the operation of a large refrigeration plant. We have been at the forefront of developing the use of air cooled condensers for refrigerant R717 (ammonia) by use of adiabatic cooling during high ambient temperatures. This system eliminates the need for evaporative condensers, the associated water treatment and the registration and inspection in respect of legionella.

The location of refrigeration pipes can lead to condensation problems, particularity in roof voids. We have a wide experience in overcoming these problems.