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Chartered Refrigeration Engineering Consultants

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering at the extremes of temperature and humidity require specialised knowledge gained over many years of design and application.

Surge Drum and Evaporative Condenser Installation
Viewing Window and Access to an Environmental Chamber
Screw Compressor Plant Room
Laboratory Installation of an Environmental Chamber

Our expertise is with low temperatures covering both dry bulb and dew point. We also have a wide experience of achieving low relative humidity at low temperatures.

These extremes of the environment are required by the pharmaceutical industry, medical and industrial research.

We can advise and engineer refrigeration systems to maintain temperatures down to -80°C for various applications.

We have designed and specified storage and areas maintained at -20°C with relative humidity of less than 10%. This is almost zero moisture content. These conditions are maintained 24/7 with close temperature and humidity control at all times.

When conditions are super critical, systems can be designed with 100% standby built in to ensure controlled conditions are always available.

We have experience in maintaining both dry bulb and dew point temperatures within ±0.1 C and at the same time maintain the relative humidity at ±2%.

The requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are well known to us and we have experience in working with a number of the major pharmaceutical companies both here in the UK and in the USA.