Michael Boast Engineering Consultancy Ltd.

Chartered Refrigeration Engineering Consultants

Expert Witness

Expert Witness support is provided by Michael Boast, the principal of the company, supported as necessary by other technical experts of the appropriate discipline.

Toltal Loss
Total loss of a Chill Distribution facility.
Failure of Weld
Failure of a Weld in an Industrial Refrigeration Plant.

Whilst we are experienced in matters of litigation our first approach is always to try and resolve the problem with a package of remedial work, which the contractor undertakes to achieve the original specification. Unfortunately it is not always possible to resolve a technical dispute and the services of an expert are required.

Michael Boast is experienced as a "Single Joint Expert" to the Courts and has given evidence in Court on a number of occasions.

We have considerable experience in respect of Insulated Structures for chill and cold storage, failure of thermal insulation panels, condensation in roof voids and frost heave in the ground under or adjacent to a cold storage facility.

We have over forty years experience in the Refrigeration Industry involving, Food Storage, Food processing and Water Chilling.

We have a close association with experts of other disciplines such as Structural Engineering, Food Technology, Microscopic Metallurgical examinations and Forensic Analysis. All of these abilities can be called on as and when required.

References are available if required.