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Water Chilling

Chilled water has many applications from essential air conditioning services in hospitals and military establishments to comfort air condition and process cooling..

Surge Drum and Evaporative Condenser Installation
Inspection of a failed Shell and tube evaporator
Screw Compressor Plant Room
Damage of copper tubes from a failed water chilling unit.
Screw Compressor Plant Room
Failed tube taken from a shell and tube evaporator

There is a wide range of equipment available, some constructed to provide chilled water for comfort cooling whilst others are associated with essential chilled water requirements and process cooling. Process cooling and essential chilled water supplies can not be provided reliably on a 24/7 all year round basis from a water chilling unit constructed for comfort cooling operating only in a cooling season of no more than six months.

The misapplication of chilled water generating equipment leads to premature chiller failures, costly repairs and higher charges until the problems have been solved.

Other misapplications with an installation comprising of more than one water chilling unit is how they are installed with respect to water flow and control. Mixed flow of the chilled water from two or more chillers can lead to freezing of water in the evaporator rendering the complete water chiller unfit for further use.

We have, over the past twenty years, been involved in over sixty water chilling unit investigations in the UK and overseas, resulting in more than sixty technical reports to be issued.

We have, in the majority of cases, been able to resolve the client's operational problems in agreement with manufacturers and contractors. However, on three occasions we have represented clients in Court where litigation has been necessary.