Michael Boast Engineering Consultancy Ltd.

Chartered Refrigeration Engineering Consultants

Chill and Frozen Storage

We can advise operators of chill and frozen storage facilities on all aspects of their refrigeration requirements and associated insulated structures.

Screw Compressor Plant Room
High rise chill store 35 metre internal height under construction
Screw Compressor Plant Room
Completed 35 metre high rise chill with racking in place

With Lloyds Register of Shipping withdrawing their survey facility for refrigeration installations, operators of refrigerated facilities no longer have access to an organisation to advise on the construction and operation. We can provide this service. Insulated structures can be thermo graphically scanned to determine the insulation efficiency. A thermographic scan will also indicate where repairs are required to ensure longevity of the insulated structure.

Traffic management advice is available to maximise the use of the facility in a safe manner and at the same time limit air losses from cold stores with associated high operating costs.

We have developed the "frost free status" of cold store operation by the use of specialised equipment that eliminates the "ice palace syndrome" often associated with cold storage.

The cost of operating the equipment to eliminate snow and ice with the associated health and safety issues being offset by reduced defrosting and the running costs of the refrigeration plant.

Frost heave can occur below or just outside a cold storage area resulting in structural damage to not only the floor slab but often the building steel frame and the insulated panels.

We have a wide experience in frost heave and can advise on prevention initially and remedial work to eliminate the problem.